Security Guard Insurance

Security Guard Insurance

Security guard insurance can provide important protection for your client's employees, special events, and building facilities. Under most policies, they are considered to be an integral part of your company's security plan. Coverage and liability depend on how the guards are used by the client. In addition to standard coverage, CIA looks into special situations for the client and builds a policy to cover unforeseen circumstances. We make every effort to provide comprehensive coverage so your company is protected from lawsuits and financial loss. There are several important decisions to be made when obtaining liability insurance for your security guard company. How long is the service contract? What are the daily routines and responsibilities to be assigned to the security force? Will guards wear uniforms or plainclothes? Will they be armed or unarmed? What security level does your client want from your company?

Long term guards need to be treated as part of your overall security team. Hiring for this purpose means that your client has complex security needs and requires your presence every day. CIA works carefully with your security company to write and to review professional liability insurance policies. We believe that if we think ahead and write a detailed policy to cover your security guards at the job site, then your employees will be able to do their job knowing that they are protected from lawsuits and other claims against them. It is important that the policy be written as clearly and completely as possible so your security company follows the job description to the letter. By complying with the security requirements of the client, your company will be protected against lawsuits.

Uniformed security guards are there for deterrence and they have specific responsibilities at client sites. If they follow their job description as stated in the contract, then the coverage that is in place will protect them and your security company from lawsuits and financial damages. Other types of liability coverage will depend on whether the security guards are armed or unarmed. It should be obvious that professional liability insurance for armed guards will be more costly than unarmed guards because of the risk of deadly force brought to the job site. Insurance for unarmed guards is less because there are fewer liability issues. Whatever role the security guard takes at the job site, it is imperative that the guard follow the exact wording in the hiring contract. Our focus, at Central Insurance Agency (CIA), is to protect your company from being liable if the guards are in compliance with the contract. If they stick to the wording in the contract, CIA is committed to insuring your security company from any liability issues.

In summary, security guard insurance is essential when sending guards to job sites. Each situation is different and our company can write the best policy to insure your guards against any charges that are brought against them. In each situation, we work tirelessly, to provide the lowest price and the most complete coverage. We are able to do this because we know the industry better than any of our competitors. Right from the start, we are able to position ourselves in the marketplace to give you the best buy in professional liability insurance. CIA is proud of its stellar record in the industry which enables us to get referrals and to increase our client base. Our strength is our ability to write "ironclad" contracts that are the best in the business. By working for your interests, we are able to fortify our business so that it continues to prosper in the future. It is our pleasure to serve you.

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