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Private Investigator Liability Insurance

Private investigators give companies immeasurable insight into various affairs related to their businesses. They can be that extra layer of visibility a company needs to gain an extra edge or solve a nagging problem that may otherwise drive an organization to failure. Private investigator are among some of the more ingenious tools that today's companies leverage to ensure success. But as effective as they are, private investigators must also be properly insured to avoid costly lawsuits.

Case in point: Your private investigations agency is hired to conduct a covert surveillance of a rogue warehouse employee. The investigation is successful and the client is happy. However, during subsequent legal dealings, the court finds that your agency did not follow proper procedures and you're now open to litigation.

A scenario like this can be avoided with the right kind of private investigator insurance coverage. Investigator conduct and procedure are not the only areas of protection you can find. You can also insure the valuable equipment used in your company's investigations, and recover any investment used as part of the investigation. One of the many benefits of selecting and working with an experienced company like the Central Insurance Agency is that your policy is always amendable to suit your specific needs. This is a very unique differentiator that only we can provide, as many competing offerings fail to take policy malleability into consideration.

Ultimately, your company should always be focused on conducting effective investigations, while never compromising their quality due to matters that lie outside of your scope of expertise. We are an insurance company that specializes in helping companies like yours. Smart private investigation agencies protect themselves with specialized private investigator's insurance policies from Central Insurance Agency. So should you. Contact us today!

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