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Fire Suppression Insurance

Here's why fire suppression insurance is a must: Fire damage to facilities, equipment, and materials cost billions of dollars each year to business owners. As a result, property values drop, injuries occur, and lives are lost. Some of the reasons fire suppression systems fail are because of inadequate inspection, improper testing, and incomplete maintenance. Few companies fully protect their workers and workplace from the devastating effects of fire.

We, at CIA, work with your company to identify fire hazards and to write comprehensive insurance policies. By working only with top insurance companies, we are able to offer broad coverage at competitive industry prices.

Over the years, as our presence has grown, we are constantly educating ourselves to meet the changing needs of the industry. Our employees work collaboratively to share new information and to ensure that we are providing the best policies for our clients. In addition to standard coverage, we offer special policies and endorsements so you are covered for all fire-related occurrences.

You must be prepared for quick moving fires and to realize that your company can incur significant financial losses with limited coverage. We suggest your company look to higher limits in case of fire damage, so you're insured for a worse case event. In this situation, it is better to be safe than sorry.

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