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Alarm Installation Insurance

Representatives from our agency meet with members of your company to go over various types of coverage based on a cost/benefit analysis. We believe that one of our strengths is asking the right questions so that your company gets answers before negotiating a contract. Preparation is the key to our success. What if a pipe bursts overnight when the building is vacant? What if you did have a fire and valves were inadvertently left in the shut off position? Would your insurance cover these situations? What would happen if your company hired subcontractors to do the installation and they didn't have certificates of insurance? Would your company be liable for their mistakes?

At CIA, we think ahead to write contracts that will cover you in these situations. One of the other factors in monitoring the security of the workplace involves the use and placement of closed circuit televisions. Other coverage highlights include medical injury, such as falling and sustaining an injury, as well as utilities, such as refrigeration breaking down leading to a loss of perishable materials. What about access control systems such as electronic key cards and security gates? Again, we work with your company to provide the best policy to cover your needs.

In today's litigious society, we recommend a higher dollar amount per incident, because we are seeing higher payouts on claims. We think a higher premium is justified in these situations. One of our goals is to advise your company about possible eventualities so that there are no surprises after a policy is written. Finally, it is important to realize that all alarm and monitoring systems need to meet local and state codes.

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